Generating a CSR using IIS 7

The following steps will guide you in how to generate a CSR using IIS 7

Open Internet Information Services (IIS)

Click on the Server Name from the left hand column

From the centre menu double click Server Certificate from the Security section


Select Create Certificate Request from the Actions menu (on the right)


Now the Request Certificate wizard will appear

In the Distinguished Name Properties window enter the following information

The Common Name – This is the fully qualified domain name for your website / server
Enter Your Organization and Organizational Unit (OU can be entered as IT).
Enter Your City/Locality, State/Province and Country/Region details



For a wildcard certificate enter the common name as *, for a domain without prefix enter it as as you will get as a complimentary SAN.

Press Next

You will be presented with the Cryptographic Service Provider Properties window, ensure that Microsoft RSA SChannel Cryptographic Provider is selected with a bit length of 2048.


Press Next and complete the wizard

Enter a file name and location to save your CSR to. We advise saving it to a folder on your desktop.

The CSR can now be opened with notepad and entered into your certificate portal.