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Comodo are a well established Certification Authority and SSL Certificate Provider. A leader in public trust services since the very birth of the Internet, Comodo Certificates are trusted by all popular browsers, Operating Systems, devices and applications.

Comodo Certificates activate the “yellow padlock” and start securing ecommerce transactions, web account logins, webmail, network traffic and online services in minutes. With encryption levels of up to 256 bit and an trusted root of up to 2048 bit, the Comodo Certificate ensures you benefit from the strongest possible encryption for every customer.

A SANS certificate will cover you for 3 domains, but you can add additional SAN entries totaling up to 2000. Although we’d only recommend you go up to a maximum of 50.


This product is only valid when you’ve previously purchased an ExtendedSSL SANS Certificate.

When selecting the validity, please ensure that you select the same validity as your original Certificate.


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1 Year, 2 Years


up to 2048 bit

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30 minutes

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